The Frenchtown Financial Opportunity Center is a community-based resource with a focus on financial literacy and economic education to fit the needs of Frenchtown residents. We are powered by FSU Credit Union and Envision Credit Union, so members have a full offering of products and services from both institutions.

Financial Education

We understand how difficult it can be be to wrap your head around every money concept out there.  With our resources, you can access videos, worksheets, articles, and other tools to help you know everything you need to know about easy or complex money concepts.  With a variety of resources to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your lifestyle, age, and future money goals.

Budget Workshops

Financial education is our specialty. Whether for small groups, or large, we offer financial workshops tailored to your group’s age or economic status. These workshops are FREE and can be held in one of our community venues or one of your locations for convenience. Workshops are led by experts in the financial arena so you can trust them to offer sound advice and help provide peace of mind for everyone in your group!

Financial Counseling

Prefer one-on-one?  Get all the benefits of our workshop curriculum in a customized, individual setting to help you get on the fast track to accomplishing your financial goals. There are different focuses of financial counseling such as preventative, remedial, and continuous.  Financial counseling is available by appointment only. Contact Herschel Holloway at or by phone at 850-556-0543 to schedule your appointment today.

Credit Repair

If you have a colorful credit history or have had trouble with a loan in the past, our credit repair support can put you on the path to a better credit score. We will define how a credit score is calculated and introduce products and tools to help you get back on track while building your borrowing potential, offering you lower rates and increasing your future savings.

Consumer Loan Options

The Frenchtown Financial Opportunity Center offers personal loans with quick closings, local decision-making and competitive rates to help you achieve more of your goals. for financial success.  Our consumer loan options will help you break away from the payday/title loan cycle and empower you regain control of your paycheck.