I first heard about the Frenchtown Financial Opportunity Center (FFOC) from one of my mentors at Tallahassee Community College. I was having trouble finding small-business loans for people who have credit issues. She told me about the FFOC, and the rest is history. My goal was to get a small-business loan from a financial organization that would work with me. It was very convenient, and I was always able to talk with someone when I needed to. They were always able to answer my questions as well.

I was able to take advantage of a financial opportunity with a small-business loan, which helped me open my small business in women’s apparel called Busara Intimates. With this loan, I was able to build my credit at a pace that was best for me. I didn’t expect it to improve as fast as it did, but it moved very quickly. It qualified me for more financial opportunities through Florida State University Credit Union (FSUCU). It allowed me to expand my goals and borrow money when I needed it the most. It helped me look into areas of my business that I didn’t before because I didn’t have these financial opportunities available before. Now, it’s moving really quickly, and getting bigger and bigger. With the help of FSUCU, my small business is only getting bigger.

It was a great idea, and I’m glad I pursued it! Not a lot of credit unions or banks will take the time to really sit down and discuss certain things with you if your credit is at a certain point. Yet, that wasn’t the case at the FFOC or FSUCU. I went to the FFOC first, and they gave me more information about opportunities at FSUCU. Things were different at FSUCU and moved along rather quickly. Becoming an FSUCU member would be the best choice you’ve ever made because the opportunities they give you won’t be found at other places. Not only have they helped me improve my credit and get my small business off of the ground, they’ve also helped me become more financially responsible.

I’ve already recommended three people to the FFOC and FSUCU. I will recommend them to anyone. Whether you’re looking for a business opportunity or a way to improve your credit, FSUCU would be the way to go. I’m currently working on creating a website, which should launch in a few weeks. If anyone would like to reach me, they can email me at busaraintimates@gmail.com or Google “Busara Intimates”.

         -Carlos S.

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