I heard about the Frenchtown Financial Opportunity Center (FFOC) through my church when I was speaking with another member. She said the pastor had mentioned it earlier and the FFOC would be there to help us. After hearing about it, I looked on our church’s website first. I liked what I saw and what they said. I felt that they could help my situation, so I decided to look into it.

Initially, I just came into the FFOC to open up an account since I needed a second account. While I was there, Charline Jacques (FFOC Member Service Specialist) and I started talking about my car. I mentioned that I needed to get it refinanced and talked about the car payment too. She mentioned that we had a refinancing promotion going on at the time, so I continued the conversation and applied for the refinancing of my car. I said, “OK, this perfect.” I literally got the approval the next day, and that was amazing! She called me the next morning with the refinance approval, and I said, “Wow, are you serious?” Charline said, “Yes! You can come on down to complete the paperwork.” It was just before lunch when she called, and I was there on my lunch break. It was amazing and quick. I wasn’t expecting it nor was it my main purpose when I visited the FFOC. It never occurred to me to do that. We just started talking about it, and it went smoothly from there. I was very comfortable all along the way. Most importantly, refinancing my car loan saved me more than $4,000!

I had been unemployed for a while and was managing to get things in order. I wanted to get my car note at a better rate. I was only at the FFOC to open an account, and we went much further to improve my situation. I was very satisfied and thought, “This is a blessing, and it helped me get back on my feet.” I had a general feeling that they’re helping people get ahead and improve their lives. The overall situation was very different from what I’ve experienced in the past at other places. I truly felt like they were there to help me get ahead financially.

I actually spoke to a relative and friend about my experience at the FFOC, and their response was that they were already members of FSUCU and Envision credit unions. They were interested to hear about how my experience went, and it was nice to hear that they were already members at both credit unions. It also meant that they’re able to take advantage great rates, great member service and opportunities for financial assistance that’s offered through these financial institutions.

As a result of outstanding service that I received from Charline and the FFOC, I really felt great afterward. I also had a new feeling of hope that everything was going to get better. Thank you, FFOC!

         -Ms. Brown

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