I heard about the Frenchtown Financial Opportunity Center (FFOC) through my niece. I was trying to consolidate debt and pay off certain bills. My niece was unemployed at the time and told me all about the FFOC. So, I came into the FFOC, opened an account and put in a loan application. What I enjoyed the most was that we started a conversation, and they kept asking me about how they could help my situation. Charline Jacques (FFOC Member Service Specialist) was very eager to help me. She tried everything to make the loan work. Every time we got to a roadblock, she kept trying to find a way. We finally got the loan approved and got my bills paid, which was a tremendous load taken off of me. She left no stone unturned, and I like working with that type of person. Again, Charline was very understanding, compassionate and courteous. FSUCU is lucky to have her on their team.

As a result of becoming an FFOC member, they’ve given me more stability with my credit and financial situation. They’ve made it possible for me to have more financial discipline, and I feel more confident about my financial situation. They me gave that goal power, helped me believe that I could do this and stabilized my financial situation. For one thing, the FFOC is convenient because it’s located in the area and neighborhood of Frenchtown. With low-income families or families that don’t have A credit, they’re willing to take a chance on us to help us improve our credit and that means a lot to people in our community. It gives us a chance to start all over again and build up our credit. The FFOC Team works with us and is willing to help us regain status in our lives, which means a lot.

Every time I talk with someone about finances, I mention that they should check out the FFOC. Sometimes they say, “I don’t know if my credit is good enough.” I say, “They’re not the type of people that give you a loan and then drop you off. I had to get a co-signer for my loan at first until they could do something else. They’re willing to go all the way with you to get the loan. In the end, if you don’t get the loan, it’s not because they didn’t try … it’s because you didn’t follow through on something.

My experience with the FFOC has given me the ability and strength to be where I am in life currently. I now know that with God, I can do this. When you feel that you’re out there all alone and there’s no one to help, the FFOC helped me know that I could do it and build a better life.

         -Renee W.

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