Here is what members of our community are saying about the Frenchtown Financial Opportunity Center. Want to tell us about your experience with our team? Give us a call at 850.224.4960 or send an email to!

FFOC has given me more stability with my credit and financial situation. They’ve made it possible for me to have more financial discipline, and I feel more confident about my financial situation. They’re willing to take a chance on us to help us improve our credit and that means a lot to people in our community.”

 -Renee W.

“I was able to take advantage of a financial opportunity with a small-business loan, which helped me open my small business. With this loan I was able to build my credit at a pace that was best for me. It allowed me to expand my goals and borrow money when I needed it the most.”

 -Carlos S.

I had been unemployed for a while and was managing to get things in order. I wanted to get my car note at a better rate. I was only at FFOC to open an account, and we went much further to improve my situation. I truly felt like they were there to help me get ahead financially.”

 -Ms. Brown